Giving New Meaning to Beauty – Dr. Loren Borud

Giving New Meaning to Beauty – Dr. Loren Borud

Dr. Loren Borud is one of the internationally acknowledged plastic surgeon. Along with being a plastic surgeon, he owns a consultancy, the Borud Consulting firm and serves as the president of the firm which offers consulting services to his clients regarding the healthcare industry and services private equity issues, along with venture capital issues.

A True Combination of Passion and Dedication

Through his consultancy firm, Dr. Loren provides his valuable advices to various companies such as medical companies, biotechnology device companies, web designing companies, surgical products companies and many others. Before becoming the Borud Consulting President, he was working for a medical center as one of their best plastic surgeons. Dr. Loren has also served Medical School through his services as an instructor from year 2000 to 2008 in field of plastic surgery.

As an assistant professor and instructor in the medical school, he mentored med students and gave them his expertise guidance. Dr. Loren also explored about the Body Contouring facts after one undergoes the MVL program or Massive Weight Loss. He also received acknowledgments both in overseas and United States for body contouring.

Glimpse of Success

He is popular for his expert service and knowledge in various universities and medical centers in New York and Mt. Sinai since 1999. He took residency in reconstructive & plastic surgery from university at New York and stayed there for 2 years. His next stop was the University of California where he stayed from 1990 to 1997 for 7 years and took residency for General surgery and plastic surgery as a fellow researcher. Soon, he received an award in basic research for his outstanding performance from 1993 to 1994. Again, Dr. Loren Borud earned acknowledgement as a key opinion leader consultant.

Dr. Borud holds years of experience in the medical industry. With above 20 years of practice in plastic surgery and serving as an assistant professor for 8 years, he is also an author. One of his popular books is Plastikonomics that deals with a phase of plastic surgery. This book changed lives of patients and doctors, who were specializing in plastic surgery.