Individual Wellness Services

Individual Wellness Services

With a degree in Holistic health and certified as a nutritional consultant and master herbalist, my passion is understanding how to heal the human body through a balance of food, exercise, and emotional/spiritual well-being. Coming from a family that has struggled with many different types of physical ailments, I was inspired at a very young age to learn about health. I read every book that I could find about health and passionately, I am now pursuing my dream of not only working on my own health, daily … but helping others take control of their lives through healthy balanced living.

How can I help you?

  1. My website has many tips for healthy living and it is a great way for you to reach me with any questions you may have.
  2. I focus on individual wellness plans that work with your individual needs, body type, and needs to achieve balance.
  3. I have several different options for using my services, including online wellness coaching, phone or Skype coaching, and meeting individuals in person.
  4. I do a free first time consultation to evaluate your needs and to see if my services would be of benefit to you.
  5. I do presentations for different organizations including chamber of commerce meetings, work meetings, mom’s groups or any other type of group and give helpful information to your people who will encourage change and healthy living.

My experience:

  1. I worked with the W.P.A.F.B. fire dept. in setting up nutritional plans and several sessions throughout a 9 month period of small group presentations and question answering. I also went in and prepared a meal with the firemen to show how nutritious food can be delicious!
  2. I worked with Day Break Shelter for children and young adults, by coming twice a month and preparing a meal for the young people who were living on their own for the first time as well as teach them basic nutrition for their own well-being and their young children.
  3. I’ve helped individuals get set on a nutritional plan that would help them reach their personal goals.
  4. I was one of the two nutritional consultants at The North Gate for a 30 day “Daniel Fast” which included daily videos, emails, recipes, tips for surviving, and speaking publicly offering support and encouragement for success.

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